Monday, 3 February 2014

YSL Youth liberator foundation review

Iv fallen in love...

With a foundation. Is that possible? Yes.

Ysl youth liberator foundation £34
Shade B30
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I first tried this foundation after seeing some really great reviews about it! I was torn between this one and the touch ├ęclat foundation but decided to give this a try as I had herd it was more medium to full coverage (my preference).

I had it applied with a paddle foundation brush by the sales assistant and it was beautiful! I decided I wouldn't buy it there and then but I would wait to see what it looked like when the day was finished. Well that was it, I was hooked!

The foundation gives SUCH a glowing finish which is something unheard if for us dry skin girls. The glow doesn't fade either it just seems to stay! The coverage is definitely buildable but that's okay because a little goes a long way.
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Extra brownie points:

Smells like perfume and the packages is gorgeous!

Why not give it a try and your nearest YSL counter?