Tuesday, 5 February 2013

My top beauty favourites of January

Welcome to my top beauty favourites of the first month of 2013!

These are products that I use on a daily basis and have fallen in love with since buying.

1. Mac studio finish concealer

I love love LOVE this concealer - it isn't too creamy so doesn't crease
On me, if you do suffer from creasing under the eye area you can dab a tiny bit of eye shadow primer on before applying and/or set it with some translucent powder! This works for me to keep it set all day long. I Am in the colour NW20 😊

2. The tangle teezer

I have bonded hair extensions that are pretty long! After a few months of having these they start to grow out leaving your hair quite knotty at the roots. A normal hair brush just wouldn't cut it so on my hairdressers advice I went and got this beauty... It has become my new BFF.
Whether you have hair extensions or just long unruly hair this works really well, unlike a normal brush it doesn't have the bobbles on the end of the bristles which allows it to glide right though any tangles without damaging your hair. You can get these in loads of colours (mine is pink Ofcourse) and I don't know how I would live without it now. My only regret? Not buying it sooner.

3. Liz Earle cleanse and polish hot cloth cleanser

This leaves your skin soft, supply and clear, for a full review and how to guide see my last post :)

4. LancĂ´me la vie est belle

This perfume is gorgeous! I Tested it out in boots at the LancĂ´me counter once while I was passing and fell in love... The fragrance can only be described as beautiful...

La vie est belle is a French expression meaning life is beautiful.

'with the noblest ingredients [Concrete of Iris Pallida, Jasmin Sambac Absolute, Orange Blossom Absolute, Patchouli Essence...] lain on a bed of fine delicacies'

Try this at your local counter and you will feel special for as long as it lasts (and the staying power is great too)

5. Laura mercier radiance primer

Now this primer comes in various different types for different types of skin. You can use the primer under your make up or by itself. It comes out as a glossy peach toned liquid which is really flattering to the skin, I wear it under my foundation for a dewy fresh look and to make my foundation stay all day. Although this is. Favourite I wouldn't say the staying power is particularly strong but it definitely makes my foundation last longer than it would without it! If you have oily skin or dry skin they also cater for these types too.

6. Bourjois kohl kajal eyeliner

Who ever created this eyeliner is a genius! My search for the blackest eyeliner to be invented has been found! The point is so thick And pigmented that one swipe and you are good to go - especially good for tired mornings. I have very sensitive eyes so if I play around in my water line they do start to water making my eyeliner a complete waste of time. My technique is to quickly line my water line with my EYES CLOSED which does your tight line (upper inside water line) at the same time GENIUS. It's also a really creamy consistency so blends easily for a softer look on your upper or lower lash line. (I do suggest popping in your handbag for top ups during the day)

7. The urban decay naked palette

Another one of my make up obsessions - I debated over this a million times over because the shades are so similar to a lot of other natural colours I own. In the end I caved in and bought it and I'm so glad I did. It comes with 5 Matte shades and 1 shimmer (highlighting) shade all in neutral. Colours. They work great for a day time or night time look, I like to use a lighter one on the whole lid and blend a slightly darker shade into the crease. To finish the look ill take an angled eyeliner brush and use the back shade to line my upper lash line, the colour is so pigmented that it works really well for this and is much easier than using a liquid or gel eyeliner! Extra bonus? It's small enough to carry in your make up bag!

8. LancĂ´me teint miracle foundation

Like a lightbulb under your skin. We all want that foundation that's going to give good coverage without looking cakey, well this is it. It provides good even coverage with a dewy and illuminating finish. This is best applied with a damp beauty blender or with your finger tips to warn the product, it blends amazingly well which is perfect for those tired morning where you don't want to walk out of your house looking like your wearing a mask!

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