Thursday, 3 October 2013

Getting ready for autumn/winter

I think we can finally say goodbye to our flip flops and bikinis and say hello to fluffy socks and scented candles. Autumn and winter is my favourite time of year! Getting cosy in the evenings with a hot bath after getting home from a cold and rainy day is one of my favourite past times. Although I love summer and how it brings friends together, you can't beat the lead up to Christmas, so here is what iv been loving lately to take me from summer to autumn....

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Sanctuary mela body butter £10 boots.
Iv used this for as long as I can remember and I always buy a new tub just before autumn hits! It's Indian inspired with notes of RosĂŠ and pistachio and feels really thick and luxurious on the skin. I use this as soon as I get out of the shower/bath, if you have a boots near you it's definitely worth having a sniff! They do other products in the range too.
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Champneys citrus blush body scrub £10 boots.
I love most champneys product and this one definitely doesn't disappoint! As winter comes in my skin gets a little dryer than usual, so it's essential to exfoliate and this is one of my favourites. It's thick in consistency and packed full of exfoliating sugar so your definitely getting your money's worth! It's key ingredients are cardamom, coconut fibres and brown sugar! The smell is so rich, it reminds me. Lot of my favourite ginger scent from origins for some strange reason...
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Champneys also have this dry body oil, £8 from boots also. It has the same ingredients but with added lemon. Again, this is such an autumnal scent and it leaves your skin really soft and supple... Perfect for bed time.
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Finally I have been loving vibrant reds in the past week or 2. Firstly on the nails, I feel that red looks a lot better on shorter nails rather than daggers!
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Two of my favourites are revlon's 'one perfect coral' £6.99 and OPI 'big apple red' £11. I like these because they aren't dark red.
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Still on the red subject.....
I have been on the hunt for the perfect red lipstick for EVER. Swatching where ever I go looking for a cherry red with a hint of coral (if anyone has any suggestions please let me know)
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In the end I found this one in topshop called rio rio. It looked more orangy under the shop lights!!! But I do love it, and am looking forward to premiering it on my Birmingham trip this week!
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That's just a few of my essentials for autumn, if you have any that you would like to share please leave a comment and I can try them out!!!!

See u soon

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Clarins - liquid bronze self tanner review

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For those of you who follow me on Instagram (annieanniex) you would have seen that I recently bought this to review.
Id been looking for a facial tanner for a LONG time that didn't either break me out or make me look patchy! I saw Anna from vivianna does make up rave about this and how good it was so decided to try it.

It comes in a thick milky formula which literally dissolves into the skin after about 8 seconds of applying it. I use a cotton pad to wipe it on my face. I really really like this stuff, it doesn't go patchy like a lot of other tanners for the face and doesn't break me out - if anything it's just like a moisturiser.
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I apply it at night and when I wake up after washing my face I have a nice golden glow, the colour is definately not harsh though so i would recommend this for paler skin tones. I look more healthy than usual and nobody has asked if I'm wearing fake tan like they have with other products.

I would give this product an 'A' and defo recommend it! And its made me want to try more clarins skin care to review :-)

Has anyone else tried this product? What did you think of it?

Thanks for reading

Annie x
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Monday, 13 May 2013

Mini haul - lunch time dash

Working in town centre is a fantastic thing! Apart from my unhealthy addiction to beauty products. Boots, John Lewis, debenhams and house of Fraser are a stone throw away from the office, and here's the evidence...
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Eylure false eyelashes in 101 £5 ish
I love these lashes they are perfect for daytime use because they aren't too long and are REALLY easy to apply! I love the eylure lash glue too.

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Boujois smokey eye pencil £4 ish
I needed a new eyeliner brush and really wanted one this shape but couldn't find one anywhere! I was so happy when I found this and the eyeliner is really creamy too so easy to blend with this brush.
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Sleek blush in life's a peach £4.49
This is my first ever sleek blush, I'd always wanted the blush by 3 but never actually gone to buy it! I like this colour for spring/summer - don't be scared of the bright orange as it looks a lot more muted once its applied and blends really nicely.
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I'm loving bold bright colours for spring so picked up these shades..
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(From left to right)
Revlon colour burst lip gloss in 006 strawberry fraise £7.99
Revlon lip butter in 053 sorbet £7.99
Boujois rouge edition in 11 fraise remix and 19 corail en vogue £7.99 each

I also picked up 2 necklaces (pink and gold from republic £8 and gold and white rope necklace from accessorize £8 :-)
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Have you tried any of these products? How did you like them?

Thanks for reading!

Annie x

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

OOTD last Sunday

So seeing as this beautiful weather stuck around all week, my good (and very stylish) friend decided to have a girls day full of sand, bowling and pimms! Jill turned up in leggings, a t shirt and a whole load of trendy jewellery - putting me and the rest of the town to shame!

So here was my outfit and the places I purchased it from:

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Leggings - new look £7.99
Tunic dress - new look £10
Cardigan - H&M £9.99
Necklace - topshop £1.50 SALE
sandals - primark £6.00
Sexy Pajamas in background - can't remember ;-)

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This necklace was a bargain and I nearly passed out when I saw the price tag! I think it's original price was about £14 (hazarding a guess) I love topshop statement necklaces and I love the mixed metals. I usually stick to gold and would never think of mixing and matching but I think this really works and is really on trend. And at £1.50? Steal!

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The tunic (which I actually think I meant to be a dress) is so comfortable and so flattering on those days were you are feeling a little but plumper than usual. I initially had this on as a dress but it was very short and a windy day so I wasn't taking any chances! (I'm around 5 foot 6)

The sandals are blue shade and metallic silver and really comfy! After being in uggs and closed toed shoes all winter I think flip flops really hurt between your toes to begin with (I'm sure you will agree) but these have a strap across your foot and don't slip anywhere! They Also have them in coral and taupe! :-)

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And finally... I had to have matching nails :-)

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Would love to see your spring/summer OOTD! What trends are you loving right now?

Speak soon :-)

Annie x

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Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Laura mercier silk creme foundation: thoughts?

I recently bought the Laura mercier silk creme foundation £30 from John Lewis. I bought this because many youtubers and bloggers had said how amazing it was! This is how it is described on Laura mercier website:

An innovative full coverage foundation that makes the skin look luminous and rich. By combining a special collection of silk proteins, tea extracts and treated mica, Laura has created a luxurious formula that leaves skin hydrated and protected with a radiant, timeless glow.

This foundation is gorgeous and I cannot deny that the finish is beautiful (though not dewy on my somewhat dry skin) but for some reason I cannot get on with it, it sits on my skin and doesn't absorb and the coverage doesn't seem that great.

I have applied it with my beauty blender as it it designed to be used with a sponge.
Iv also tried with my mac foundation brush and sigma flat top kabuki F80 and it just doesn't seen to want to work.

Have you tried this? Why were your thoughts? How do you apply this foundation?

Thanks for reading.

Annie x

Monday, 6 May 2013

Barry M Gelly Hi Shine and swatches!

Barry M Hi- shine nail polish £3,99 each

So I know I'm a bit late on the Gelly bandwagon, but after having only tried one I couldn't make my mind up about them. However when I recently was out shopping with a friend I picked up 3 more.

The formula is thick like all Barry m nail polishes but has a high gloss shine! The idea is that when it dries it has the appearance of gel nails, and I can honestly say it does!

I am really loving these and the finish they give, I put on 2 coats but you could easily get away with just one. My only gripe? The drying time! But I have found this to be the case with most Barry m nail polishes.

The shades I have are:

Shade 5 - blueberry (blue)
Shade 6 - prickly pear (the lilac/purple)
Shade 10 - lynchee (lovely nude/taupe)
Shade 11 - dragon fruit (Barbie pink like)

I have painted each nail to swatch these for you and on the fifth nail I have used Andrea fulerton nail boutique crystals and gloss glue (sold at superdrug for around £10)

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Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Current spring obsessions

The sunglasses are on and the toes are painted. We all know what that means? Spring is here! We can finally ditch those jumpers (nearly) and dust off those flip flops. Here are some of my current obsessions to help me get into an acceptable state before summer begins...

Mac mineralize skin finish natural in light plus. £24
This is the perfect powder for all skin types in my opinion. I am dry so like to use a dewy water based foundation, as much as I love this to let my skin breath, the staying power of these is not great! So i set my foundation with this and because it is so finely milled it doesn't cause the skin to look cakey! I dust this over my forehead, nose and chin just For a longer lasting finish!

Chanel soleil tan de chanel £31
I LOVE LOVE LOVE this cream bronzer. It's not too dark and if blended well looks seamless. The finish is glowy and even and it glides on. You can apply this with a sponge (as recommended by the sales assistant) but I use my sigma flat top kabuki F80 to either contour or swirl it where the light would naturally hit! I recommend putting it on between foundation and powder so it doesn't look cakey! Finished off with a cream blush for a radiant glow!

Bobbi brown longwear even finish foundation SPF 15. £30
This is my current favourite foundation for everyday. I discovered it in John Lewis when the girl behind the bb counter did my make up - she used a standard foundation brush to put it on and it melted effortlessly into my skin (which for my dry skin is almost a a miracle) I then knew I had to have it! I usually apply it with either a foundation brush or flat top kabuki to blend it into my skin then ill take a little bit more with my fingers to areas that need a little bit more coverage! The finish is dewy/satin on my dry face and it really feels like your own skin and not cakey at all!

Urban decay naked flush palette. £20
Now this is a pretty recent purchase but I am in love with it already! It has a bronzer a blush and a highlight! The bronzer is light but buildable which I like as I am
Not the most tanned! I use this for contouring. The blush in this palette is like a deep pink and the colour pay off is fantastic! I do use this with a light hand though because it can be a little bit too pigmented (if that's even possible) and you don't want to come off looking like a clown! Hmmm
And the highlight is just your basic champagne toned shimmer! I like.

Revlon nail polish in sugar glaze. £6.99?
Not only is this a gorgeous colour but it's also scented like perfume! Perfect for those sunny days. I love the formula of this polish, it goes on really nicely and dries quick too! Which is a plus for me because I hate waiting for my nails to dry, why is it as soon as you paint your nails you suddenly need the toilet? Or a drink? Or anything that will cause a smudge!

:-) the perks of being a girl!

X Annie x

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

My pre bonded hair extensions

I had to do this post because a lot of people ask me questions about them and wonder whether they should fork out for some as they can be quite expensive!

I had been in two minds for a long time after hearing stories that they ruin your hair and bla bla bla.... They haven't my hair but I can see how they could cause your natural hair to Matt!!!

I have had mine in now for 5 months exactly, I absolutely love them. They cost me 300 pounds but they vary depending on the length, thickness and the salon you visit. My hair is really thick so I needed a lot of hair and it's around 20 inches of super soft quality human hair.

When I got them put in it took about 2.5 hours and then she blended them with my natural hair which took about 15-20 minutes. She used pre bonded hair and melted it with a heated "tool". It didn't hurt and I was sooo happy with the end result I couldn't stop touching it!

After 4 months I have to admit they did at quite tangly at the roots because my hair grows so quickly, so I went out and got
A tangle teezer which got rid of all my knots without damaging my natural hair because I would hold it at the root whilst brushing!

I have visited the salon since for a root touch up and will probably be looking to book to have my hair extensions replaced because I can't imagine not having then now!

I use sulphate free shampoo; macadamia natural oil shampoo and conditioner or tigi a factor. You can also get less expensive brands if you shop around (holland Nd Barrett do some nice ones) as for heat styling this is fine, they take a long time to dry so I usually let them air dry about 70% before I attack them with the hair dryer!
Or straightening and curling when your extensions grow out don't start at the root because you could end up melting the bond (I learnt that the hard way)

So my experience with extensions had been mostly positive but like I said it does vary, if you think the price sounds too good to be true it probably is!

Ill post a picture below of my hair hope this helps, please leave a comment if you have any questions :)

Annie x

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

My top beauty favourites of January

Welcome to my top beauty favourites of the first month of 2013!

These are products that I use on a daily basis and have fallen in love with since buying.

1. Mac studio finish concealer

I love love LOVE this concealer - it isn't too creamy so doesn't crease
On me, if you do suffer from creasing under the eye area you can dab a tiny bit of eye shadow primer on before applying and/or set it with some translucent powder! This works for me to keep it set all day long. I Am in the colour NW20 😊

2. The tangle teezer

I have bonded hair extensions that are pretty long! After a few months of having these they start to grow out leaving your hair quite knotty at the roots. A normal hair brush just wouldn't cut it so on my hairdressers advice I went and got this beauty... It has become my new BFF.
Whether you have hair extensions or just long unruly hair this works really well, unlike a normal brush it doesn't have the bobbles on the end of the bristles which allows it to glide right though any tangles without damaging your hair. You can get these in loads of colours (mine is pink Ofcourse) and I don't know how I would live without it now. My only regret? Not buying it sooner.

3. Liz Earle cleanse and polish hot cloth cleanser

This leaves your skin soft, supply and clear, for a full review and how to guide see my last post :)

4. LancĂ´me la vie est belle

This perfume is gorgeous! I Tested it out in boots at the LancĂ´me counter once while I was passing and fell in love... The fragrance can only be described as beautiful...

La vie est belle is a French expression meaning life is beautiful.

'with the noblest ingredients [Concrete of Iris Pallida, Jasmin Sambac Absolute, Orange Blossom Absolute, Patchouli Essence...] lain on a bed of fine delicacies'

Try this at your local counter and you will feel special for as long as it lasts (and the staying power is great too)

5. Laura mercier radiance primer

Now this primer comes in various different types for different types of skin. You can use the primer under your make up or by itself. It comes out as a glossy peach toned liquid which is really flattering to the skin, I wear it under my foundation for a dewy fresh look and to make my foundation stay all day. Although this is. Favourite I wouldn't say the staying power is particularly strong but it definitely makes my foundation last longer than it would without it! If you have oily skin or dry skin they also cater for these types too.

6. Bourjois kohl kajal eyeliner

Who ever created this eyeliner is a genius! My search for the blackest eyeliner to be invented has been found! The point is so thick And pigmented that one swipe and you are good to go - especially good for tired mornings. I have very sensitive eyes so if I play around in my water line they do start to water making my eyeliner a complete waste of time. My technique is to quickly line my water line with my EYES CLOSED which does your tight line (upper inside water line) at the same time GENIUS. It's also a really creamy consistency so blends easily for a softer look on your upper or lower lash line. (I do suggest popping in your handbag for top ups during the day)

7. The urban decay naked palette

Another one of my make up obsessions - I debated over this a million times over because the shades are so similar to a lot of other natural colours I own. In the end I caved in and bought it and I'm so glad I did. It comes with 5 Matte shades and 1 shimmer (highlighting) shade all in neutral. Colours. They work great for a day time or night time look, I like to use a lighter one on the whole lid and blend a slightly darker shade into the crease. To finish the look ill take an angled eyeliner brush and use the back shade to line my upper lash line, the colour is so pigmented that it works really well for this and is much easier than using a liquid or gel eyeliner! Extra bonus? It's small enough to carry in your make up bag!

8. LancĂ´me teint miracle foundation

Like a lightbulb under your skin. We all want that foundation that's going to give good coverage without looking cakey, well this is it. It provides good even coverage with a dewy and illuminating finish. This is best applied with a damp beauty blender or with your finger tips to warn the product, it blends amazingly well which is perfect for those tired morning where you don't want to walk out of your house looking like your wearing a mask!

Monday, 4 February 2013

Liz Earle cleanse & polish

Liz Earle cleanse & polish

This stuff is amazing! It's around 14 pounds for the starter kit which contains 100 ml of the hot cloth cleanser plus 2 Muslim clothes and a zip lock liz Earle bag!

This is a 2 step cleanser.. For stage 1 I use one pump of the cleanser on dry hands and massage into a dry face and neck! This feels amazing, it is so soft with a gorgeous smell of eucalyptus and cocoa butter! Stage 2 is to buff (polish) it in using a damp Muslim cloth!

The finish is a smooth, luxurious feel which removes all of my stubborn eye make up! Such a treat I use it morning and night and my skin has never been better.