Wednesday, 8 May 2013

OOTD last Sunday

So seeing as this beautiful weather stuck around all week, my good (and very stylish) friend decided to have a girls day full of sand, bowling and pimms! Jill turned up in leggings, a t shirt and a whole load of trendy jewellery - putting me and the rest of the town to shame!

So here was my outfit and the places I purchased it from:

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Leggings - new look £7.99
Tunic dress - new look £10
Cardigan - H&M £9.99
Necklace - topshop £1.50 SALE
sandals - primark £6.00
Sexy Pajamas in background - can't remember ;-)

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This necklace was a bargain and I nearly passed out when I saw the price tag! I think it's original price was about £14 (hazarding a guess) I love topshop statement necklaces and I love the mixed metals. I usually stick to gold and would never think of mixing and matching but I think this really works and is really on trend. And at £1.50? Steal!

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The tunic (which I actually think I meant to be a dress) is so comfortable and so flattering on those days were you are feeling a little but plumper than usual. I initially had this on as a dress but it was very short and a windy day so I wasn't taking any chances! (I'm around 5 foot 6)

The sandals are blue shade and metallic silver and really comfy! After being in uggs and closed toed shoes all winter I think flip flops really hurt between your toes to begin with (I'm sure you will agree) but these have a strap across your foot and don't slip anywhere! They Also have them in coral and taupe! :-)

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And finally... I had to have matching nails :-)

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Would love to see your spring/summer OOTD! What trends are you loving right now?

Speak soon :-)

Annie x

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