Monday, 13 May 2013

Mini haul - lunch time dash

Working in town centre is a fantastic thing! Apart from my unhealthy addiction to beauty products. Boots, John Lewis, debenhams and house of Fraser are a stone throw away from the office, and here's the evidence...
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Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos

Eylure false eyelashes in 101 £5 ish
I love these lashes they are perfect for daytime use because they aren't too long and are REALLY easy to apply! I love the eylure lash glue too.

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Boujois smokey eye pencil £4 ish
I needed a new eyeliner brush and really wanted one this shape but couldn't find one anywhere! I was so happy when I found this and the eyeliner is really creamy too so easy to blend with this brush.
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Sleek blush in life's a peach £4.49
This is my first ever sleek blush, I'd always wanted the blush by 3 but never actually gone to buy it! I like this colour for spring/summer - don't be scared of the bright orange as it looks a lot more muted once its applied and blends really nicely.
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I'm loving bold bright colours for spring so picked up these shades..
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(From left to right)
Revlon colour burst lip gloss in 006 strawberry fraise £7.99
Revlon lip butter in 053 sorbet £7.99
Boujois rouge edition in 11 fraise remix and 19 corail en vogue £7.99 each

I also picked up 2 necklaces (pink and gold from republic £8 and gold and white rope necklace from accessorize £8 :-)
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Have you tried any of these products? How did you like them?

Thanks for reading!

Annie x


  1. Lovely haul :) Have you tried out your Revlon lip butter yet? I bought two yesterday but haven't worn either yet! Lauren x

    1. Thank you! :-) yea Iv tried it it lovely! Really creamy and hydrating! I have it in cupcake too! Which ones did u get? Annie x

  2. I got wild watermelon and strawberry shortcake :) And also got a kissable balm stain in lovestruck, as I love my honey shade so much! Have you got any of the revlon just bitten kissable balm stains? It was 3 for 2 in superdrug :) Glad the formulation is good, looking forward to wearing mine. Lauren x

  3. I havnt tried them yet! But... I did get one similar in a glossy box by jelly ping pong in pink which im obsessed with! It's my go to lip product that I keep in my hand bag for daytime touch ups! It's so soft and creamy so I think I will give the revlon ones a test!!! Xxx


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