Sunday, 12 January 2014

My full coverage best friends - for bad skin days!!!

We all have those days where nothing goes right, all your clothes are in the wash, your hair is going the wrong way and your skin is under attack! So I'm going to share my favourite full coverage products that I keep on my make up table ready to go for when my skin is behaving badly...
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Vichy dermablend foundation
Boots £15
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This foundation is thick. It covers well. And it's not moving. You won't find this foundation in the make up isle, it's location in the skin Care section of boots with the other Vichy products. The reason I love this base is because you can just put it over your face, not have to worth about concealer and your good to go. This will cover a multitude of sins. The only downside is there are only 4-5 shades so what I usually do is mix opal (the lightest shade) with nude (a slightly more warm shade) and I find it gives the perfect shade!

Mac studio fix fluid
Mac £21.50
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This is my everyday foundation, the coverage is full but it's not cakey and I love the finish! This stays on all day and doesn't look patchy or oxidise after a few hours wear. This covers all my blemishes (sometimes I put another layer in stubborn ones) but I usually find one does the trick. This is so bendable and of course comes in loads of shades!!!!! My colour is nc20.

Estée Lauder double wear
Most department stores £28.50
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This is one of my favourites because again, it is full coverage. You don't need. Powder to set this and it's still going to stay on all day! This comes in quite a few shades and also different types. If you prefer a lighter feel on the skin then get double wear light, if you really want a full coverage then go for double wear maximum hold.
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Origins brighter my nature skin perfecting make up
House of Fraser £26
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Moving onto powder. I don't think origins make up gets enough love! I first tried this when I had my make up done at the origins counter after a facial and I really liked the finish. As we know I have dry/dehydrated skin so I do be careful with this powder. If too much is applied it does feel dry! But sparingly this adds great coverage! What I usually do is pat this over my foundation on troublesome areas such as a breakouts on my cheeks or chin to add more coverage (I don't use this as a setting powder) but if your foundation and concealer just isn't cutting it or your face looks patchy then I swear by this! Iv just hit pan so I can tell I like it!

Mac Pro long wear concealer (left)
Mac £15.50
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This is a lightweight concealer with medium to full coverage. Its raved about so much and rightly so. I love it because the consistency isn't thick but it does cover extremely well under the eyes and doesn't crease! My colour is nc20 again.

Mac studio fix concealer (right)
Mac £14
This is fantastic when it comes to hiding blemishes! You can apply it with a brush or tap it in with your fingers. This is really thick and creamy and really is fantastic! My favourite concealer for covering blemishes. Warning: this will cake under the eyes so stay clear of that area. But it performs brilliantly on other areas! Even the most angry blemishes will be covered.

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What are your favourite bases for full coverage?

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