Wednesday, 8 April 2015

5 Best Make Up Hacks (Tips and tricks) that will change your life!(well.... ish)

I thought I would kick start the start of spring with some handy tips and tricks, especially ones for making our make up last longer or my "secret" tweaks to get the most out of our make up and tools to enhance the beauty that we already have :-)

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1. For extra curly eyelashes.

We all want sky scraper lashes which is why eyelash curlers can be a girls best friend. But what about half way through the day when your lashes start to droop and all of a sudden aren't as perk and fluttery as they were before you left for your commute? My tip is to blast the curlers with your hair dryer before curling (not for too long - we don't want to fry them) a few second is fine (saves buying fancy heated curlers) When we curl our hair using a barrel, the cooling down period is what sets the curl in place so hold your curlers until they start to cool down. This sets my eyelashes for the day and ensures no drooping! For extra reinforcements use a waterproof mascara!

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2. Sealing your gel/liquid liner.
To stop your gel liner from fading or cracking, set it in place with a really black eye shadow. Use an angled brush or whatever your eyeliner application weapon of choice is and go over the gel to sandwich it in place. This will 'set' it just like a powder over foundation and will keep it in place a lot longer! My favourite product for this is Urban Decay 'Crave' from the Naked Basics Palette.

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3. Longer, Thicker Lashes.
To make my lashes extra thick strand by strand I follow my routine in Tip 1 (above) then follow it with this...
Before adding your first layer of mascara, Coat your lashes in powder. You can use a black eye shadow (tap off excess) or a translucent powder (even baby powder). The powder will make your lashes thicker and your mascara stay on because it wont slide off as easily, this trick is especially good if you suffer from oily eyelids. You can also use this step between coat's, but be careful.... less is more.

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4. Make your Kohl Eyeliner Extra Dark.
Ran out of eyeliner and only have the crappy back up plan? Don't worry, with this trick you can make your eyeliner extra black and soft, perfect for smudging and blending a smoky eye! Take any eyeliner and a naked flame (candle lighter or match) wave the eyeliner in the flame for about a second. Leave it to cool for around 10 - 15 seconds, not too quick so you burn your eye but not too long so it dries! (trial and error to see what works best for you and your brand of eyeliner) and then apply to the eye. Smudgy, Black Perfection!

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5. Make your base last longer.
Especially good for oily skins but also combination to dry. We all face humidity and sweat throughout the day so this is good for most skin types. After applying your liquid base (foundation) take a tissue and pull it in half so you have only one thin layer (if that makes sense). Use the tissue to lightly blot your face, you don want to take the foundation off so this is literally like tickling the face to take off the excess moisture and oil. Less oil in the skin will prevent your make up from sliding off through-out the day. You can then continue your routine with powder, blush, bronzer or whichever you choose to use!

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What are your beauty tricks and tips?

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