Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Estée Lauder double wear review

Iv recently been using Estée Lauder double wear and I just completely forgot how good it is!

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I used to wear this foundation religiously but I think I switched over to mac and just totally abandoned it, I recently picked up
A sample for a promotion and rekindled my love instantly!

 photo image_zpsiyeuabvt.jpg

This is a funny foundation because it runs out of the pot yet when you put it on your face it can feel quite thick - I find the most effective method is to use a foundation brush for maximum benefit, I pat it in with a sponge after just to ensure no brush marks.

 photo image_zpsxdi8mvka.jpg

At the moment because I'm tanner I use the shade 'tawny' but when I'm paler my shade it dessert beige (I'm an nc20 In mac for reference) this stuff really does stick like glue! Even if I mix it with my Laura mercier primer, it spreads evenly and lasts all day! And I mean ALL DAY not ones that claim to last 'ALL DAY'! When I get home from work my foundation still looks perfect - and even though I have dry/combo skin, I'm not lucky with my staying power usually..

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I use a light dusting of setting powder but that's more through habit and reassurance than need.

Have you tried double wear light or maximum coverage? How does it

Best wishes!

Annie x

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